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GIFT- GENETIC IMPROVEMENT FIBRE TECHNOLOGY - a tool for the Alpaca Breeder who would like to produce premium fleeces

We at Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports, have been producing fleeces that meet the requirements for the Ultrafine and Superfine bae for years. People would ask us, how we are producing these fine fleeces.

until now, there was never a Name for the methoid i was using. One day, Rob & I were sitting talking to Paul Vallely, when Paul said well i can test for the Genetic traits that are passed on to the next generation.Soon an afternoon was gone with discussing this new technology.
Independent research has been completed over a 10 year research by CSIRO, an independent research body in the Fine wool Sheep industry, and already 2 years of of reseach by CSIRO, has been completed in Alpaca.
Wow, we have to tell the world, about this new tool breeders can use, to almost predict the quality of their progeny before they are even conceived.
A sample Gift test
AAFT-Supporting Alpaca Breeders
GIFT* test report
Owner/s: Mariah Hill Alpacas & Exports, Victoria. Australia
Alpaca Name/Number: Warlord
Age at sampling 9 months
Growth of sample 9 months (incl pre/post natal growth)

Midside Test Data
AFD: 15.4 microns SD: 3.3 microns
CVD: 21.5 % Comfort Factor 100 %
Length: 105 mm Curvature: 50.1 dg/mm
SD ‘Along Fibres’: 1.1 microns
SD ‘Across Sample’: 3.03 microns

Analysis and Comments
As this sample includes pre/post natal growth, it may be necessary to test the second fleece to confirm analysis.

The ‘across sample’ SD is 3.03 microns. This is very much below the average for alpacas which is about 4.5 microns. This alpaca is regarded as superior with regard to breeding for reducing variation between fibres and reducing incidence of coarse fibres.

The average fibre diameter currently places the alpaca in the ‘Ultrafine’ grade. Given the age of the alpaca, this alpaca will likely be regarded as superior with regard to breeding for low fibre diameter.

The Micron Profile indicates the usual rise in nutritional intake by fibre follicles due to lactation diet (pre weaning).

The curvature at 50.1 dg/mm indicates ‘tight’ crimping fibre, however, this may be influenced by either environmental or genetic causes. Given the staple length, however, it is more likely to be an indicator of true ‘ultrafine’ type.

This alpaca is likely to be highly recommended for breeding progeny for premium type fleeces, pending a test on its second fleece.

As the above information is based on interpretation of individual data from supplied fibre samples, no responsibility can be accepted for any liability arising from reliance on the whole or part of this information.

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