Sunday, May 10, 2009

GIFT- Genetic Improvement Fibre Technology

Recently we were dropping off some alpaca fleece to NSW, Ast, for the Ultrafine bale, and met Paul Vallely.He was telling us about the latest technology GIFT, which can be used as a tool for breeders to identify alpacas that have the best Genetic traits for producing premium fibre, which will maximise the fleece returns.These alpacas also have the ability to pass on these genetic traits, and once these alpacas are identified, they speed up the genetic gain of one's herd.Importantly, it is very easy to use, just fleece samples, cost effective, and non evasive, and being the latest technology, is currently the most accurate system that is currently being used in the Merino Fine WOol Industry in Australia, which has been independantly researched by CSIRO in the sheep industry for the last 10 years, and alpaca industry for the past 2 years.Samples can be sent in from all over the world, just the right paperwork to accomapny the samples, i think if there are any complications in sending fleece overseas, just contact Paul vallely and he can advise ow to do this.We sent samples off to see what the Gift report entailes, and us and a couple of other breeders,just to see what these reports will tell us.We were fascinated with the results, and recommendations that the GIFT report gives.In the report, we do get copies of the histogram, and not only the explaination of each facet of the histogram/fleece is individually analysed but also traits identified for imporvement for future breedings are given as a tool for breeders to make the right breeding dicision for their females.The sheep industry had been looking for this guide for many years, and as the word gets out about this fantastic technology, which helps to fast track genetic gains in the fleece

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