Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Over 1000 baby alpacas have been born at Mariah Hill Alpacas.

When Rob & I first got into alpacas, like any other young couple starting a new venture, we sat and wondered what the future would being.

Sitting on our 1 3/4 acre block in Hastings, we had just bought home our first 3 alpacas, 2 pregnant females and a young male, Ziggy. Like any other couple would sit there and wonder.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, to one day own 20 alpacas, or even 50.

Before long we owned 6 alpacas, well we thought we were wonderful, and we were at that stage considered a large herd in Australia, Alpacas had only been in the country 3 years, and there were only around 300 alpacas in australia, so 6 was a big herd, especially on our 1 3/4 acres.

19 years later, we have had 1050 babies born on our farm, we have moved 3 times, and now at our final location at Mt Ararat, Nar nar Goon.

Originally was the largest farm in Victoria in 1851 when Victoria was separated from NSW.

Mount Ararat Run No 1, was what it was then known as, over 2000 acres, from here to DErouin.

The stories this property can tell.

and the story is not over yet, we have many plans, and our daughter Elyse to take them on.

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