Saturday, May 9, 2009

further more to just a thought- BODY SCORE

The scale photo above shows the body score chart.
the first photo is emancipated, body score 1, as described in pictures below, you do not want your alpaca to display this body score...never
the photos below displays a girl that we assisted the owner to reverse her condition, although she did have many contributin factors which caused this, the main one was lack of worming, Vit D, and regular maintence of the female.
It is very hard and long hours involved in monitoring a female that is in this condition, it is totally unnecessary for the the story below

Body score is one of the most important things that need to be performed on alpacas, at least monthly on animals that do not have any problems and are in good body condition, but weekly on those that you have concerns about.

the above pictures are the body score of an animal that arrived on our farm 2 years ago, which i was asked to assist, and try and make her better. photo tken day of arrival, with vet present.

in fact she had also been seen by the screening vet, and both vets did not give this girl a good prognosis

through intensive care and consultation with the vet, continual weighing, and alot of work we had a good outcome for this girl who then went onto to enter quarantine and is currently in UK.

Whose responsibility is the condition of this animal prior to arriving at our farm.

For Animal management some people would say the agistor who cares for the alpacas on a daily basis has a duty of care for her health and animal management, but the owner had a friend of the owner had visited the alpacas, and also knew of the condition of the animals, and so they too had a duty of care to move the alpacas from the farm asap, but they did not.

It was only when the owner wanted the alpacas screened for UK, were the alpacas moved off the original farm.

If i take on alpacas to assist owners, and for the sake of the alpaca, to give intensive treatment, and care, i also do not take the responisibility if the unforeseen happens, as i am not a miracle worker, if the animal is past the point of coming back, then there is so much i can do.

the responsibility is clearly spelt out to the owner and also is displayed on our website.

The responsibility is the owner to take out insurance, and organise a cover note before the alpaca arrives here.
When an alpaca of great value is sold, it is sold with a health certificate from the vet, and this certificate can be used for insurance purposes.
Ignorance is not acceptable as an excuse.

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