Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flight route travelled by Alpacas.

Alpacas exported from Australia have to spend 6 months in a third country if they are destined for Europe or England.

This is a current arrangement made with the EU, and currently we have no option but to comply.

Once the alpacas have completed 6 months in New Zealand, be it in the North Island or South Island, then they are travelled to Auckland International airport, and then to Luxembourg, with a 1.1/4 hour stopover for refuelling at los angeles.

The alpacas are not offloaded there, they are on the aircraft the whole time, with ventiliation confirmed for all flights with livestock on board.

They then arrive at Luxembourg airport.
The alpacas are then checked, and as there is a night flight arrival, coming in around 10 pm, the alpacas are offloaded to a heated holding covered shed until the next morning, where they are fed and watered.
The next morning the Government vets check the paperwork and load, and then the alpaas are given permission to be dispersed to their owners.

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