Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Niagara Falls

A view from our Motel window, i am glad we had such a good view, because it was just so cold outside, it is really unbelievable, and i can understand why many people want to go there for a Honeymoon.
We are on the Canadian side, and over the other side is the USA, The lake was like an ocean, and the water was just furious going over the falls.
To the right just outside the picture, were huge blocks of ice that had come over the falls, and in the time we were there which was only two days, the water all but froze over.
The falls themselves keep changing, at times the huge mist rises, and you cannot see out of the window, and then it clears up.
The lights of a night were marvellous, and the towns are so big.
It was amazing when it started to snow, and it really was a picture wonderland.
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