Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alpaca Fleece - how to make money from alpaca fleece

how to increase your $ return on your fleeces, is information on GIFT, which is the latest technology for producing premium fleeces which gives us the highest returns in Australia for our Ultra fine and Super fine fleeces.

This also can happen in your country, as well, and the more breeders that produce ultrafine and super fine fleeces the more we can aim for more of these premium fleece bales to supply some of the high end fashion industry, although these are commercial industries.

The home industry too and the whole alpaca fibre market will gain by producing the finest, and softest handling fleeces are going to produces the softest and finest spun wool which will always command highest demand and price.

I can send you information to give out to breeders and a DVD, if you require

To view 5 mins of the 11 min DVD you can see on my website on the green banner below, and further information on GIFT can be accessed through clicking on the website links for GIFT

We are trying to organise a seminar in the US and Canada for Paul Vallely the man who is behind GIFT, hopefully by the end of the year.

WHY GIFT, it is so easy, for anyone to do, by just taking 3 fibre samples across the body and sending this away to Aust

Currently, Paul is the only fibre testing in the world that can do this test, and reports that give you and other breeders the direction on how to select premium producers, of dams and herdsires, by taking out the environment in the fleeces histogram tests, which leaves the genetic traits which do not change in a life time.

Please click and read, because i think this technology is a great asset for any breeder who would like to know the quickest and easiest way to produce premium fleeces and to maximise their return on alpaca fleece.

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