Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jolimont Vallon De oro

Producer of some of the finest alpacas in the world that have been tested.
Vallon De oro, is highly fertile, and thinks he is on earth for one thing only, and the fleeces he is producing, i tend to agree.
His fleeces are superb, so highly lustrous, they sparkle,.
Extrmeely fine, and dense, this Macho, is a great asset to our herd.
His offspring are remarkable, and their fineness is holding.
He is just so dense, and very even in crimp style over his body.
He produces a super high frequency crimp style.
We are very proud to be his carers.
His GIFT report has come up high and he is considered a prodcer of Premium fleeces, carrying an extremely low variation along the fibres, and also bewteen the Fibres.
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