Sunday, June 7, 2009

Girls (alpacas) destined for Europe, on their way to NZ

I know these blogs may be out of order, but i have been so busy catching up with my bookword since i have got back from Canada.
There has been so much to do, i have averaged 15 hours a day on the computer, to try and catch up.
I still have not even opened most of the mail, as i have had deadlines to follow.
I thought you would like to see the group of females that went to New Zealand the end of May,
they are looking really good.
The weather had been not too bad whilst this group was in quarantine.
We have to shear them prior to entry to the quarantine, and if it gets cold, we place coats on them, and there are plenty of shedding for them to go in, which they all take advantage of, feed is inside as well as outside, so unless the weather closes in, the alpacas have access to both areas.
The quarantine can be locked down if the weather closes in, and is then heated.
The first girl to walk past the screen is La Caliente', she is just gorgeous.
the girls have patches on their sides, so that if they need to be screened for any overseas country, the fleece is available for the screeners to view and sample to get it tested.
The one at the back is Showdown, he has absolutely gorgeous fleece. Fleece samples have been taken so that we can get GIFT tests for them.
Every now and then after spending so much time in front of the computer, my mind just fizzles, and i just have to have a break, so this is the times that i do my blogs, just to give my brain a rest from all the work.
Each day i get phone calls from Tannis in Canada. i enjoy our talks, as we waddle through the ins and outs of the alpaca industry. I usually receive at least 1 email from another friend Yvonne, in Europe, it is always nice to hear from Yvonne as well.

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