Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kasarni and Aailyah

Both girls are currently in NZ quarantine at Whaiheke Island just off the coast of Auckland.
The best place to have a quarantine, as it has been isolated from alot of the diseases that are on the mainland.
To date no cases of Bruciollsis and Tb, have been recorded on the island.
Facial Ezcma (FE) and they have not had Rye grass Staggers to date.
The quarantine facility has been specially set up to handle alpacas.
Keenan Scott and his wife Lisa, look after their herd of alpacas, and often agist alpacas for other breeders also.
The give expert care and attention and love the world of alpacas.
Keenan and Lisa have brood of kids, and they just love their lifestyle on the magnificant property at Whaiheke Island
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