Sunday, June 28, 2009

'We Love Baby Doll Sheep!!!!!!

Last day for the Baby Doll Sheep, they are just so cute, they are like mischievous elves, sticking together, they have so much charachter in their faces, They have been great to look after, and we just love them.
Today is their last day here, a huge clean up today, (very different to alpacas), and AQIS will come at 10am this morning, and give permission for us to load.
How exciting for Yealands Estate in New Zealand, a Vineyard, and award winning Wine producer.
Congratulations to both Linda Pwer and her husband in Australia, and Peter & Diane from yealands.
Ed will pick these guys up tomorrow morning.'Keenan will be there as Importer to accept the sheep, and then they will be off to the South islamd.

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