Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Dolls are now resident of New Zealand, at Yealands Vineyard

The day was a beautiful day here, gorgeous sunny, a little bit of heat, been a real delight after the wet weather we have been having.
The sheep just seemed to know they were to take an adventure.
As we set up the loading ramp, and trailers in place, the sheep gathered and watched, and when it was time, they all scooted in, as if to say, lets go, we are ready.
The plane was delayed only slightly, but we had plenty of notice of this, so we delayed the loading.
The weather though in NZ was shocking over night, which also meant a delay when they arrived, but it was not for long, and they should now be on the beautiful green grass of home...Yealand estate in the South Island of NZ.

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