Tuesday, June 30, 2009

taking advantage of the sun,_Lexus

Time to get the camera out, and take advantage of the beautiful sunshine.
We knew this boy was going to be good the day he was born, we had to give him a great name, and at the time, my husband ROb was telling me how one day he would like to own a Lexus.
Well that seemed a great name at the time, and Lexus has grown out to be a fantastic male.
Almost ready to work.
Lexus sired by Cristiano. this is his third fleece, they grow alot of fleece, as this is only just 6 months worth.
20.2 4.6 22.8 97.5 20 22/02/07
19.2 4.4 22.9 97.8 19 24/08/07
19.2 3.3 17.1 99.6 18.1 28/03/08
19.4 3.9 20.1 99.3 18.7 5/08/08

He is eager to be a stud male, and this spring we will probably get him working.
He was born 22/6/06, so his microns are holding well, this is what we are endeavouring to do, is to breed males that do not blow outmuch.
Cristiano his sire, is now 18.5 yrs old, and was one of the original Peruvian Imports in 1995, from the Alianza herd in peru.
He has been a great asset to our herd and also to many herds around the world, with alot of his progeny being donors for their ET programs.

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