Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Premmie baby takes it's first steps.

Elyse checks on the alpacas very first thing in the morning.l This morning she discovered a female in labour.
she assisted the baby to be born, it was a difficult birth.
Normally the babies are left with their dams and the bonding begins.
If the baby needs assistance, we look after the baby whilst usually the dam watches on, depending on what level of assistance the baby needs.
In this case the baby's body temperature did not register, so the baby needed intensive care for approx. 3 hours, whilst we endeavoured to raise the body temperture, the dam is always watching in this case the dame was in our entrance hall, watching for the baby to come alive.
It is a fanscinating thing, as the alpacas seem to know when you are helping them, and they just watch until they feel the babies are ok
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