Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Quarantine Facility

We have been upgraded to 150 sheep & Goats,
200 Alpacas and Lamas.
Considered on of the best quarantine facilities in Australia.
The closes registered premises for sheep, goats, alpacas, & Lamas to Sydney and Tullamarine airports.
A registered status for a quarantine facility for export is a higher status than approved, and is the highest level of B iosecurity which is one of the most important factors of exporting and importing livestock.
We are AQIS accredited, and Raelene is an AQIS accredited exporter for Livestock covering Sheep, Goats, alpacas, and lamas.
Raelene was the first person in Australia to be an accredited exporter for these species, when the new export laws came in to place in Dec 2004.
We have exported to New Zealand, China, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Uk, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, France, and many other countries.
We take exporting very serious.
We are a family run business. We live on the same property as our quarantine facility, and we also have our son and his Fiance living on the same property, our daughter Elyse and her boyfriend on the same property, and our two other children (adult), who visit daily and live within 3 kms of our farm, so there is always someone here.
We are proud of our acheivements
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