Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Mum

One of my favourite photos, as we are now getting our house back in order, we have been sorting through some of the old photos, and i am copying them on the computer, as some of them are fading.
This photo was taken in about 1953, when she was a brides maid to her best friend, i know her as Aunty Deidrie, and uncle David's wedding.
Aunty Deidrie, was always a close friend to mum, and was there to assist me when i was 17 to care for my mother as she was dying of cancer when she was 44.
I needed a hand, i was also caring for my 3 younger sisters, trying to help and look after dad, as he worked extra overtime, to help pay for her medication.
I also was working but was also getting over a serious illness, and so even though it was not asked for Ausnty Deidrie came and helped me.
A true friend to the end.
I know my mum would have done the same for her if the roles were reversed, but it was consoling to know someone cared enough to catch 2 buses each way a day, to come and give me a hand.
It was a very hard time, for us all.
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