Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vallon's Quest

..has been tested one of the finest alpacas tested in Australia to date at 12.6 micron.
He is growing out so beautifully, i checked his fleece today, and it is so beautiful, a gorgeous high lustre, super soft handle, and super high frequency crimp.
Vallon has produced some very stunning, super fine fleeces in his progeny.

Vallons Quest and another alpaca called Illustrious, are the pride of our herd.
18 years of breeding and concentrating on certain traits, when selecting males.
We started with Stefano, who really stamped the offspring.
He also drew a line in the sand, and basically his genes were so strong, that he cut out two colours, blue eyes, and from his generation on, all his progeny bred forward, and not throwing back.
Stefano, a Full Accoyo male, was amazing in some of the fleeces that were produced from him.
Cristiano, woul go over his progeny and visa versa, which turned out to be a perfect combination, with wither male complimenting the former.
Progeny from both these male have been reconised for their high density, lower SD, and high S/P ratios, and have been used in some of the large alpaca ET breeding programs, around the world. Patche'came in over these, and he just added, bone, and fined the progeny up more, producing the most super softest handle. Little to Nil guard hair or medullated fibre (coarse fibre), polishing the progeny off again.
El Condor, sometimes came in again throwing a higher amptitude and more the broader (or woder), crimp style, coming like horseshoes, coming back at itself, whilst the others produced almost merino style high frequency crimp.
The ultimate came though when we purchased Vallon De Oro', a recent Peruvian import.
What took our eye when we selected him, although compact, due to the altitude he was bred at in Peru.
He had the most densest fleece, a high frequency crimp, high lustre, beautiful legs, and conformation, and coverage.
He has now taken our herd to one more step, with all his progeny producing premium fleeces, super dense, and a beautiful merino style crimp.
very high frequency, a sparkling lustre. He also seems to tap into those colours behind the dam, which is really good, as my endeavour is to consistantly prodyce colours the same quality as the whites.
Take a look at this guys histogram, he is a dream alpaca. Can we keep producing more like this boy?
I look at this years progeny, and YES, instead of producing two to this standard last year, we have produced at least a dozen. I winder how fine we can really go.
ALthough this boy has come in at 12.8 Alpaca actually feels like 4 microns finer than Sheep's wool.
If this yarn was purchased as sheep, it would be measuring 8.8 microns.
How much finer can we go.
But it is not just the fineness, it is the charchter these fleeces are displaying, as i am discribing these fleeces to appear like merino, the second fleeces coming through are just like that.

This is what every alpaca breeder should be aiming for with their breeding dicisions.
We cannot wait for this guy to start working.
His dam also has produced some our best alpacas as well, so he should make a huge impact, like his sire....Jolimont Vallon De Oro

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